Yousef Afandi Barber Shop

Photos Drawings

Completed in 2016, Paradigm DH, designed Yousef Afandi Barber shop in Amman, Jordan. The aim was to convey traces of the traditional local craftsmanship of barbers while maintaining a contemporary experience to match today’s lifestyle.

Entering the barbershop from the iron and glass entrance door on the facade -which allows to have a glimpse of the interior even from outside -the reception desk together with the bar, welcomes costumers in a cozy environment from a large window floods the space with natural light enhancing the spaciousness of the double volume where the reception desk and waiting area are located separating the double volume from the hair styling zone using a gridded metal framework. Wooden box shelves and planters are introduced into the latter in order to give the owner the freedom to organize the products in different configurations enhancing the presentation to the customers.

Straight lines and neutral materials constitute the design of the interior to give the user the traditional experience needed. For a raw, but warm atmosphere, mainly natural materials are used: Raw steel rods juxtapose the frake wood that is featured around different furniture pieces laid out above the marble hexagon and Carrara floor along with concrete and steel pendant lights hanging from the double volume ceiling creating a dynamic effect.

One Standing on the First floor can overlook the ground floor level from the double volume filled with a concrete and metal lighting fixtures hanging from the ceiling giving the space more openness and spaciousness providing the space with a better environment and atmosphere inside the barber shop.

The black and white colors, recurrent in the visual branding, both on the door logo and in other elements and walls inside.. branding was very important in the branch because its a leading factor in this barber shop.