Trademark Offices

Photos Drawings

The Plan of the office is an open-plan layout with minimal partitions. Two booths for the manager’s office and the meeting room are made of glass to ensure the highest levels of transparency and openness between the employees and their boss on one hand, and between clients and their service providers on the other.

Translucent panels separate the reception area from the main working area. The branding of those panels (which are now green with the company’s logo) is easily changeable at any time through the use of branding stickers that can be replaced with new stickers whenever the owner desired. Between the two transparent booths is a library with white book shelves, bean bags, and a rotating, two-sided bulletin boards. The ceiling of the office is left untreated, with the plumbing, ventilation, and lighting fixtures all visible to the user. Floor tiling was covered with a layer of screed, spread over the whole area of the office in order to unify it and make it look more spacious.