Qadoura Residential Building

Renders Drawings

This Residential Building is located in Abdoun, a high end area in Amman. It has 8 Apartments, two in each Storey and an indoor swimming pool with a multi-purpose area to be occupied by the residents.

Our aim in this project was to manipulate the two main masses by subtracting cubical masses to create green pockets and terraces for each one providing the user with an indoor/ outdoor experience .These pockets are enriched with sliding glass facades covered with metal screens that play with light and shadow to enhance the outdoor space and one can move them to control which view they want to see with a planter on each terrace to maintain nature effect in each apartment.

Providing the required look and texture through cutting and juxtaposing silver travertine stones that was placed vertically on the facade , we generated a neutral formless façade that helps the visual relaxation . In designing the interior spaces and the façade of the project, our strategy was primarily focused on simplicity and avoidance of complex presentation. To reach the this goal, which was to create high-quality interior spaces, we inserted some transparent volumes deeply into the façade, creating terraces on each floor. They are not in the typical continuous form on the façade, but rather in the form of transparent spaces positioned inside the other spaces of the project. Given the view to the outside and users’ need, terraces or yards appear in different formats while not situated on each other at different levels.In addition, the stone-made surfaces of the façade together with the yards go deeper into the interior space on some floors.

Each apartment contains a living room, salon,dining room and three master bedrooms, with different location of the balconies in each apartment in order to manipulate the external facades of this building.