Martyr’s Memorial & Museum

Photos Drawings

The design concept of the Martyr’s Memorial was to keep pace with the aspirations and vision of the Hashemite leadership emphasizing the unique relationship between the glorious past with its enormous sacrifices and the challenges of the present.

The main idea of ​​the design was to explore and relive the sacrifices of our brave military on the battlefield emphasizing the human side of these martyrs placing the memorial on the Middle East tourism map.

The visit begins through the battlefield on the ground floor where display units, inspired from the shrines of thousands of martyrs, stand to narrate about the sacrifices of our soldiers.A central mass has been introduced to the memorial building to celebrate the shrine of an unknown martyr. It surrounding walls are cladded with mirrors to emphasize the reflection of the principle of martyrdom on the lives of visitors.The journey on the ground floor ends with a ramp wrapping all the walls of the memorial where the story of the nation is narrated right from the beginning of the Great Arab Revolt up to this day.This ramp ends up with the Hashemite hall where the personal belongings of late Jordan’s kings are displayed in pillar-shaped cabinets facing King Abdullah II Royal chamber. The chamber overlooks an outdoor space containing martyrs names etched marble panels.