Madafa Food Pavilion

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The Pavilion is a modern reinterpretation of the MADAFA, a traditional space for the reception of the visitors. MADAFA is all about the grid modular structural system. By stacking them on top of each other , the module is transformed into a ‘Space’. This simple manipulation of the archetypal system create a presence in the winding pathway that changes as you move around it and through it. Encompassed within this, are shipping containers to house the event.

By going beyond the conventional definition of program and circulation, MADAFA explores what happens in space through movement , behavior and interaction of  things. Erected to enhance the surrounding landscape and envisioned for being a place of gathering. Visitors will enter and begin the transition into the pavilion, a placed attracted from the world of noise, traffic and the city. Exclusively designed food , specialty dishes and gourmet snacks developed with food professionals and served in distinctive tray prototypes.