Louvered Commercial Building

Renders Drawings

Located in Amman, Jordan ..  The projects outline is determined by the particular structural and the diametrical situation of the town and the wide space requested of the project and the conditions of the site.

This commercial building was designed with a dynamic treatment provided on its external elevation in order to break the rigidity of Amman architectural buildings , this way it can be attractive to the users while maintaining a sort of rhythm to match the surrounding buildings.

The building is mainly constructed with three materials in varying levels of opacity – concrete, glass, and metal. They are used for the different degree of enclosures to suit the function of the spaces within. Office areas and meeting rooms are almost completely glazed with glass and metal to bring in natural lighting and maximizing views.

The exposed concrete gives the building the necessary strength to volumetrically exist within the city’s structure. The louvered structure in front of the glass facade breaks through the concrete’s intrinsically impenetrable surface and gives the building light through constant change in accessibility.

This building consists of a ground floor level along with a mezzanine level and a three typical floors designed for different purposes such as offices and showroom divided using a certain grid to provide the client with maximum number of offices.

Fair-faced concrete is used on the external elevations along with the colored metal louvers to maintain a raw look for the building while giving it elegancy used the metal louvered system by Renson, colors were chosen to match the surrounding and to allow the concrete to stand out  in its context.

Having these louvers fixed on the elevation manipulated the external elevations creating different looks and angles every time you pass by the building, this way one will see the same building but with different views .