‘Hovering Gardens’ Residential Building

Renders Drawings

The project is a quadruple-occupancy (four dwellings) residential complex. The linear nature of the site constricted the design into a slender 8 meter wide rectangle.

To accentuate the linearity, functions within each floor of the building were placed along one side of a long corridor, making the corridor not only serve as a circulation element, but introduce space for new functions such as libraries, study areas, play areas, or living rooms.

The dwellings are two-storey apartments that are L-shaped in section. Each apartment overlooks the garden and offers balconies at each level of the building. In elevation, the green pockets of the gardens break the linearity and rigidness of the elevation. Adjustable wood louvers are used as shading devices to introduce a dynamic element to the rigid feel of traditional stone on the elevation.