Barcode House

Renders Drawings

The residence is situated in Badr Al-Jadidah, on a site that offers splendid views of a stand of oak trees that are over 60 years old.  The footprint of the design was spilled around the few existing oak trees, resulting in a final form of a two-layered L-shape. The first inner layer represents the living vibrant layer. The latter is directly connected with an inner court, garden, and pool. A guest house is given its own privacy at the basement level with direct access to the lower court and garage. The elevation of this layer  is made up of pure transparent glass, while privacy for the functions behind it is maintained by the two existing oak trees.

The elevation of the second outer layer represents a barcode facade that allows the stepped corridor to open up to the views at times, and closes up at others, adding some element of surprise and mystery which is also emphasized by the flow of natural light in between the vertical stone planes.